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Undernamu is a global design consulting and growth agency, based in South Korea.

because the world needs good brands more than ever

Sustainable brands are good for the people and the planet. We exist to help good brands reach audiences, create values, and grow sustainably.

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The missing piece of your dream team

Our lean and enthusiastic team of strategists, marketers, and designers can be a skilled and flexible workforce that helps accelerate your brand growth.

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The proven Design Thinking process

From understanding customer needs to design and delivery, businesses can benefit from a systematic problem-solving approach that blends right-brain creative thinking with left-brain analytical thinking.

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Research & Strategy

Insights that answer key business questions and inform decisions


Digital Implementation

A technical foundation that scales up businesses

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프레시서비스로 IT 서비스 관리를 최적화하세요

프레시서비스로 IT 서비스 관리를 최적화하세요

2023.07.14 3 min read
고객지원을 더욱 쉽게, 프레시데스크 옴니채널

고객지원을 더욱 쉽게, 프레시데스크 옴니채널

2023.07.14 2 min read
링크드인이 효과적인 네트워킹 툴인 이유

링크드인이 효과적인 네트워킹 툴인 이유

2023.07.03 4 min read

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