Official Co-branding Partner of Daejeon

Undernamu was selected as a collaboration company in the co-branding project promoted by Daejeon City.  Undernamu can launch products and content using the city slogan ‘Daejeon is U’ and promote the city brand.

△Daejeon is U × Root42 (by Undernamu)

This co-branding project is organized to promote the mutual growth of city brands and local businesses. Daejeon City is expected to enhance the city image and spread local brands through joint branding efforts, and companies are expected to get opportunities to publicize their vision and values ​​by using the city slogan 'Daejeon is U.'

Daejeon City Mayor Tae-jeong Heo said, “I hope that the co-branding will serve as an opportunity for local businesses to grow together with the city brand and increase their competitiveness.”

△Result of co-branding (Undernamu Naver Smart Store)

In December 2021, Undernamu launched the ‘Daejeon is U Glass’ as the first product of their co-branding project. It has illustrations of Daejeon citizens looking for leisure in the busy modern society at the attractions in the Daejeon area. What makes this project interesting is because we used a co-creation approach to come up with unique ideas behind product designs.