What is Inbound Marketing?


  1. What is Inbound Marketing
  2. 4 Steps of Inbound Marketing
  3. Inbound Marketing Methods


 Why is Apple so popular? There may be various reasons, but one of them is that consumers act as voluntary marketers. So what do you think about attracting customers and delivering their marketing? Let’s get into Inbound Marketing.


1. What is Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing method that makes customers come to the enterprise to actively purchase goods and services. Unlike marketers who unilaterally delivered information to customers in the past, inbound marketing is now recognized as the most effective marketing method.


2. 4 Steps of Inbound Marketing


Source: Hubspot

  • Attract - Increasing the number of visitors to the content
  • Convert - Transitioning the traffic of the site into potential customers
  • Close - Converting a prospect to a branded customer
  • Delight - Customers who are entering through existing content, developing content with additional information 

The fundamental notion of inbound marketing is to create a real buyer by providing high-quality content and services to potential customers. Hubspot was founded in 2006 and is a well-known provider of inbound marketing software. Currently, it has more than 10,000 client companies in 57 countries. If you are interested in inbound marketing, this site can be beneficial where you can access and take free lectures.

Now, let's take a look at three representative ways of inbound marketing that can convert prospects into real customers.


3. Inbound Marketing Methods

Content Marketing

image1-Jan-17-2023-04-28-38-7948-AMBucciBox's Content Marketing

One of the common inbound marketing strategies is content marketing. There are many ways to work out content marketing, but creating beneficial and creative content is the most important factor. The content needs something that leads potential customers to visit websites or purchase products. Therefore, the company may provide blogs, ebooks, guides, and other media through content marketing.


Social Media

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Social media is an effective inbound marketing method. This is because everyone uses SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By creating attractive content, you can share it on social media to communicate with visitors, prospects, and existing customers.


High-Quality Landing Page

Potential customers have a great influence on marketing in the future, so much effort is needed to create the best landing page. Therefore, an introduction page must be prepared to connect directly with the customer. In addition, you can focus on potential customers by making the landing page stand out with a variety of design elements.

According to a survey, the number of marketers who said they were running inbound marketing is on the rise every year. If you want to discover potential customers, combining digital marketing and your inbound marketing strategy can be a good solution. In particular, when the product is professional, specialized in the industry, and requires product storytelling, inbound marketing becomes more prominent. It is believed that inbound marketing will be a special strategy for brands that can survive the flood of advertisements in the future.


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