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Winning demo day award with a to-the-point pitch deck

Delivering a concise and professionally designed pitch deck that underlines business value propositions.

Business Challenge

  • The client got an opportunity to pitch at a demo day. 
  • They conducted over 150 interviews in Korea and US and validated user needs and the potential of their solution. They had logical arguments to back their idea.
  • The flow of the presentation was great.
  • However, the information on their pitch deck was too complicated to be understood quickly.


  • We identified key information that convinces the audience about the seriousness of the problems they are trying to solve and why their ideas are game-changing. 
  • We simplified the message and left out the less important details in an appendix.
  • We also edited the video to create a demo video that can be viewed within a given presentation time.

Key achievement

  • Demo day Award 


  • IR Pitch Deck, demo video

About MoveAWheel

Industry: IT

MoveAWheel(FKA MovaWheel) was founded by researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). They have the best ultrasonic sensor technology and data convergence technology in Korea. They want to create a safe social environment by proactively responding to slips when driving a car, and aim to become the best B2B/B2G company in the field of sensor systems.

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