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Crafting a content strategy for an AI-based B2B company

Supporting website renewal with a SEO audit and a content strategy to increase website traffic and generate leads.

Business Challenge

  • The client was going through their website renewal process with the outsourced company. They learned the importance of SEO, and their main concern is that the new website won’t be SEO-ready. They needed help with SEO marketing.


  • We conducted SEO audits on their website and their domestic and international competitors.
  • We discovered that, besides SEO issues, their website lacked essential content. Their current B2B software requires expert content writers to engage with potential customers. Without high-quality content, their staffs were having difficulties moving leads along the marketing funnel.
  • To support SEO and other marketing efforts, we suggested an integrated content marketing service. We provided a well-crafted strategy for the short and long-term and created 10+ high-quality long-form blog content that nurtures leads and kick-starts their SEO journey.

Key achievement

  • To be updated upon the completion of the client’s website renewal.


  • Content Strategy, SEO audits, Target Audience Profile, Content Keyword Lists, Content Topic List, Long-form Content, GA/GSC integration, Social media setup

About DeepFine

Industry : AI, Vision-processing, AR, Remote Support, Construction

DeepFine is an AI technology firm studying ground-breaking technology designed to change people’s everyday lives to a novel future.

Augmented reality platform ARON is their main product. Aron can be applied to diverse industry sectors, including facility safety inspection, mobile communications, aviation logistics, production/maintenance, and others while solving any on-site issues.

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